Consider some paid advertising in your area. This should be done when you have completed all of the free paths. However, some of the following avenues are tried and true advertising campaigns that work in local areas:
Buy an ad in the most popular local newspaper for your demographic. Remember to haggle. Ad salesmen at papers have the ability to give a little, so see if you can get 2 ads for the price of 1, or a month of ads for a promotional article.
Buy radio ads. Time them so that they come out when you are having a big promotion. Radio ad sales people are also allowed to haggle. See if you can get a bulk ad rate or a free promotion during a commuter time radio show.
Buy a billboard. This is often a large expense. However, if your main demographic is commuter traffic and you can place it in their path, it may pay off.
Do a bulk mailing card to your local addresses that includes a coupon. This is often called direct mail. You can send a card promoting new products, and it is more likely to be saved instead of thrown away if it has a coupon.

Do a Groupon. This new way of advertising allows you to give people a chance to buy a service or product at a large discount, as long as a certain amount of people buy it. Many newspapers and local services are now offering discounts this way, so research it well.

  • Remember to make sure your discount or gift certificate is profitable. Not only will your products be discounted, but the advertising entity will also probably take a percentage of your profits. Go over the figures and consult a financial adviser to make sure it will not prove unprofitable. This is a strategy best taken if you need a lot of new customers.